Located downtown at the corner of Wacker and Clark, AceBounce incorporates all aspects of a great night — drinks, food and entertainment — into one location.

Since the idea’s founding in 2012 by Adam Breeden and Dov Penzik, the social entertainment brand has redefined its industry, providing its patrons with what Alan Cichon, the president of operations for AceBounce in the United States, refers to as an “adult playground.” But, rather than slides and swings meant for children, AceBounce provides adults with tables, paddles and ping-pong balls, creating an upbeat and competitive atmosphere.

“It’s a place to come hang out and really enjoy yourself,” Cichon said. “Come have great food, great beverages and an activity all under one roof. It produces an amazing energy, and people really have a good time.”

Upon entering, AceBounce’s interior gives off a comfortable, yet chic and sophisticated vibe. The location allows for the perfect balance of fun and edginess. Stop by the bar to get a cocktail made by the “nation’s most inspired bartender,” chief mixologist Peter Vestinos. From casual drinkers to beverage experts, refreshing drink options are available to anyone who’s looking. And most importantly, you can take the drink with you to play your game of ping­-pong! It’s a win-win.

Going up the Country, Gin Ju, Ollie Palmer, Hits from the Pong


AceBounce Chicago is the first of many AceBounce locations to open across the United States, and it’s seen only success thus far. On top of its unique entertainment options, the AceBounce experience also features 1901, a full service restaurant with food comparable in tastiness to any other restaurant within the city. Rick Gresh, the director of culinary operations for AceBounce in the United States, takes great pride in the restaurant’s offerings.

Pan-Roasted Day Boat Scallops – peas, red peppers, tarragon oil
Pan-Roasted Day Boat Scallops – peas, red peppers, tarragon oil


“The food program here is all about from scratch, as local as possible, high quality ingredients, but fun,” Gresh said. “We have some fun twists on things, and we’re just cooking from our heart. It’s a great place.”

Pork Rind Nachos — spiced cheddar pork rinds served warm
Pork Rind Nachos — spiced cheddar pork rinds served warm


An evening at AceBounce is anything but an ordinary night out. It’s convenient, it’s extremely fun and it’s safe. Drink, compete and repeat! There’s no need to drive from one location to another for a good time, especially if you’ve been drinking. At AceBounce, you’re surrounded by anything you could need for an exciting, stress-free night.

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