Let’s get one thing straight — Andrea Levoff is not that kind of mom coach.

Sure, she makes “How To” videos that help mothers deal with some of the job’s toughest uphill battles, and yes she also takes clients, but that mom coach, the one you’re thinking of, is, in her own words, “kind of lame.”

Instead, she prefers Dope Ass Mom, a term that serves as both a fitting namesake and philosophical platform from which she has built her unique brand of maternity how-to. Combining a Masters in spiritual psychology with improv classes taken at Chicago’s famed Second City comedy club, Andrea’s ideas are fresh, funneled through an approach that is honest, sincere and, at times, appropriately crass. Altogether, it’s downright hilarious. One might say the Dope Ass Mom and Supernanny are not cut from the same cloth. But a common goal they do share — sort of.

Watching one of Andrea’s videos, like “How to Potty Train Your Kids,” won’t necessarily help get your kids out of diapers any faster, because that’s not the point. If taken literally, Andrea’s carefree, combative interactions with her two young children are appalling and seemingly counterintuitive as pieces of practical advice. But her satirical skits go much deeper. “[The videos] are not going to make it better, but it’ll make it better, because you’ll know that someone else is going through it and that we are all united in this struggle.” Knowing that there never will be a cure for the crying child, Andrea’s out there to make it all a little more tolerable and a whole lot funnier.

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But the greatest lesson communicated through the Dope Ass Mom is the importance of one’s own self as a mom. “I feel like I’m more of an expert on how to be yourself while you’re being a parent.” Andrea helps moms achieve this by stressing the importance of creativity in a mom’s life, believing that this is one of the first things to go when someone becomes a new parent. Also, good advice when facing the inevitable challenges of raising children — try not to lose your shit, despite what the videos may show.

And to achieve this, Andrea believes that all moms need to have a fun night out every once in awhile — a dope night out to be exact. As part of the event, A Dope Night Out, Andrea will be joined alongside drinks expert Ryan Rezvani of Bitter Ex Bitters for a hands-on mixology class giving moms (and their husbands!) a chance to learn all about bitters and how to use them in drinks. The event takes place this Thursday evening, April 6, at the Porkchop in Chicago’s West Loop. Attendance is limited to 40 people, so sign up, save the date and call the favorite babysitter of yours for a much deserved dope night out.