4217 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60613

Artango has a way of capturing your attention the moment you walk in.

Whether it’s the colorful atmosphere, the heart-stopping rhythm, the whipping legs or the zesty cuisine, the atmosphere delights all senses.

“Were not just a restaurant. It’s music and dancing and art and good food, and social life. It’s a cultural place,” says Sebastian Casanova, one of owners of Artango Bistro.

Artango BistroWhat began as a tango school has transformed into a social club and event center that has music, tango lessons along with Argentinian and South American cuisine. In Argentina, this sort of place would be called a milonga. Casanova fondly recalls his childhood in his home country, where milongas were common. He was captivated by the energy, the convivial atmosphere and the flips and dips that come along with tango.







Artango founder Sebastian Casanova – “And because of tango, I have a son. So it’s very important to me.”

Artango BistroCasanova says the dance is the driving force behind Artango. “Tango inspired me to build this place. I do it because of tango.”

And it as the old adage goes, it takes two to tango. Casanova met his wife tango dancing, she was his instructor when he was taking lessons. Fast forward many dances later, and the Casanovas are married with a child. “And because of tango, I have a son. So it’s very important to me.”

Artango has something to offer all five senses. You can come for the drool-worthy Latin fare (Casanova suggests the ceviche or filet mignon) or to click your heels, (classes range from beginners to experts) or for the visual appeal. Casanova is the artist behind all the artwork in the milonga, from the oil paintings on the wall to the furnishings to the floating chandeliers.

“All senses are involved. The whole place to me, is one piece of art. From the food to the decorations, it’s alive.”

For more on Artango check out their website here.

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