The High Road DInner

“Take the high road; it’s far less crowded” – Warren Buffet

Here at CUSP, we not only strive to find the most creative entities first, but we work hard to motivate those we see great potential in—including our friends The High Road.

The Bougie BBQ showcased the unique talent The High Road has for creating a higher-quality culinary experience, while serving up an atmosphere that’s chill and festive. The event was created to show guests how important experimentation is to the creative process.

We are excited to collaborate with chefs Mohan Chung and James Revels on this endeavor. Both have years of experience in the kitchen. This one-of-a-kind event is the marriage of their collective knowledge and creativity, and an indication of what the future has to hold for the food and restaurant scene in Rochester.

The event was hosted at Cure a Rochester, NY-based hotspot that serves up fresh French cuisine and craft cocktails. CURE saw the vision of The High Road and was kind enough to host The Bougie BBQ, providing an amazing experience for diners and guests.

all photos shot by Rae Chung 


Shawn GEE

The High Road DInner