Successful parties are most often defined by not only the people who attend, but also the event’s location and atmosphere.

While party people would most likely be able to make the best of a bad situation or location, it should never be necessary. The location shouldn’t be a stressor, it should be a selling point. With unique spaces able to accommodate events close to any size, Morgan’s on Fulton should be your go-to spot when it comes time to host your next get-together of any kind. Located in the historic Fulton Market District, Morgan’s on Fulton isn’t just a gathering space, it’s a place where people are going to want to be.

DSC_9511The Fulton Market location originally opened in 1921 as part of Litman & Co., and has since been through a long list of renovations. The most recent renovation was done by James Geier, president of 555 International. Thanks to him, the building was able to maintain its historic appearance regardless of its interior. The doors to Morgan’s on Fulton open to a unique combination of multi-purpose spaces appropriate for anything from a soft, romantic wedding, to a professional corporate event, to a rocking dance party. The location also offers access to beautiful rooftop spaces. It’s a great place ready to host even greater times.

For more information on Morgan’s on Fulton, visit their website. View photos of past events hosted by the location by scrolling through their event gallery, and keep up with all of the beautiful options/events to come by liking them on Facebook or following them on Twitter and Instagram.


Diana Huberty