Slane Irish Whiskey

“We love getting the chance to try something new.”

This time we got a chance to check out Slane Irish Whiskey. The company is changing the Irish Whiskey game and setting the bar high with events, style and more. Shit, they even have a castle… what more can you say?!

Slane is a blended Irish whiskey aged in three varieties of casks: seasoned, virgin and sherry. After learning about their triple-casked formula and the time and precision they put into each blend, we think their dedication to the art of crafting a fine whiskey truly shows in the taste and finish of their product.

Their story of how the company came to be, and how they use their unique location to promote the brand, are things we relate to here at CUSP. Slane Castle is known for not only its long-standing heritage, but its incredible concerts­—having hosted established, major artists with diversity that spans across genres—that include names like U2, Bob Dylan, Eminem, and Madonna.

Check out the video & photos from their tasting at Fremont Chicago and stayed tuned for more from Slane & CUSP Magazine!

Slane Irish Whiskey

Slane Irish Whiskey


Shawn GEE
David Chacon