The Bedford

When you first step foot into The Bedford, it’s like stepping into the the past. It feels like the kind of spot Al Capone used to run back in the ’20s on the South Side of Chicago.

First off, The Bedford is located in an old bank. The lounge area is located in an old vault filled with restored mailboxes and other items associated with the former bank. The space itself is dimly lit and gives patrons a more intimate feel.

The menu has an eclectic feel to it, housing various options like roasted mushrooms and gruyere on toast, oysters and grilled bavette steak. Each dish is handcrafted with care and class using various ingredients and creativity.

Cocktails are a signature of the entire establishment. It’s crafted drinks, punches, beers and wines give guests various options to pair with any occasion.

With various music events throughout the week and an ever-changing menu of new and exciting dishes and drinks, The Bedford is more than just a nice dinner spot. It’s the go-to destination for your next night out.

The Bedford


Courtney Morrison
Shawn GEE