Nothing beats a great whiskey or bourbon cocktail.

Whether you are drinking it neat, in a cocktail or on the rocks, a great drink can help set the tone for your drinking experience. A few months back, we sat down with Jack Daniels and learned about some of their higher-end brands like Sinatra Select .

In May, we sat got another chance to taste some great whiskeys and bourbons from both Jack Daniels and Woodford Reserve. We caught up with Brown and Forman representatives Cathy Gassner and Megan Noviskis to discuss some great, higher-end brands they are working with. We got a chance to try the Single Barrel Select, Single Barrel Proof, Jack Daniels new addition, a Rye Whiskey and both of Woodford’s Rye and Straight Bourbon blends. We hung out over at 2112 and got a nice background on each of these great drinks!

We started of with the Barrel Select:

For this blend, I was able to try one of my favorites again. We got a chance to taste this during our first sit-down with Jack and it was amazing.



Next we checked out Single Barrel Barrel Proof:

Barrel Proof is a step up and should be reserved for special occasions. It has a very smooth taste, unlike any other blend in the Jack Daniels family.


Next Jack Daniels Rye Whiskey:

The Rye Whiskey was one of my favorites. I am a huge fan of Rye Whiskey, and I felt that Jack got things right with this one! It was smooth with a great flavor.


We also tasted both Woodford Reserve Blends Rye & Bourbon:

I have tried the Bourbon blend quite a few times during my cigar nights, but it was my first time trying the Rye Blend. I was impressed with the Woodford Rye, and I think it was my favorite of the entire tasting. Great taste, nice finish.



Shawn GEE